An embroidered record of a Covid year

My friend Jon Rainford flung down a gauntlet on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, in the form of a challenge to document this strange Covid year in just one image. I’ve been thinking a lot about maps, charts, diagrams, data visualisation, all rendered in stitch, so it seemed logical to stitch my interpretation. I have chosen to include a mix of the micro and the macro to reflect the fact that while we have all shared a common experience of some form of loss, so too have we have all felt very specific individual impacts as we’ve travelled through the year.

The image is 50cm x 50cm (unmounted and with unfinished edges at this stage), using perle cotton, coton à broder and stranded cotton threads on a cotton poplin base.

One thought on “An embroidered record of a Covid year

  1. I found this piece moving when I first saw it. Returning to it a few months later the circle theme was especially striking. More than ever before we seem to be repeating the previous year. Thank you for sharing your work. July 2021


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